Takaka & Golden Bay Roof Washing

Do you want to get rid of the moss, mould and lichen build up on your roof?

We can make it look as good as new!

 Don’t get ripped of by over charged prices and gimmick offers. We’ve been doing this for a long time, our products and services are fully guaranteed and our pricing is very competitive.

Moss, mould and lichens damage your roof and degrade the materials due to the caustic nature of the lichen and mould.

single story or Multiple story homes are not a problem. We are rope access and height safe certified and use abseiling techniques to safely wash your roof. There is no need for expensive cherry pickers or scaffolding so we can pass those savings onto you!

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Roof Washing Vs Roof Treatments

Roof treatments are only recomended if you are not collecting drinking water from your roof. The main difference between a Moss and Mould roof treatment and a Roof Wash is a moss and mould roof treatment will take up to 12 months to get your roof clean after the treatment has been applied as once it kills the moss and mould it is dependent on the wind and the rain to wash away the decaying lichen, moss & mould. It is much more gentle on your roof and in most cases does not need anyone to walk on your roof and it is cheaper.

A roof wash consists of a member of our team harnessed on your roof washing it. Your roof is clean that same day. A roof Wash is a more labour-intensive process so is more expensive. We are rope accessed and heigh safe certified. Working on roofs is what we do so you know your in safe hands.

Takaka and Golden Bay Roof washing and roof treatments.


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