Roof Painting

Roof Painting Professionals

Painting above the rest, no scaffolding just ropes and fall arrest !

Saving you thousands !

We are highly skilled, trained in working safely at heights with rope access , harnesses and abseiling. We pride ourselves on attention to detail and providing exceptional customer service from stat to finish.

Your roof  needs to be protect against the elements of the Nelson climate, from long hot summer days to freezing cold winter nights.

Painting a roof is far more complicated than painting a bedroom wall. It requires exceptional preparation that is super important from the wash down and pre paint prep , to installing anchor points and working from ropes and harnesses at heights, fixing holes all the way down to the gear you use and the quality of the paint. We only use exceptional high quality paints that offer heat reflectivity and durability.

What does it cost?

Roof painting costs around $28 per square meter of roof 

The process and preparation for roof painting and what to expect:

  • Firstly we will inspect the roof thoroughly
  • Anchor points will be installed along the apex of the roof for use with ropes and harnesses
  • 9 out of 10 times we do not require scaffolding or edge protection as we work in a fall arrest system with multiple anchor points for safety, this is easier for us and it saves you the client thousands of $$$
  • all roofs are sprayed with our roof wash mix that kills and mold, moss or lichen
  • the roof is then waterblasted with our purpose built turbo system to remove even the stubbornest grime or flaking paint.
  • we then either replace old nails with screws or if there in good condition re fix and tighten screws and hammer in nails.
  • rust spots are hand scraped  and sanded and rust converter with spot primer.
  • primer coat sprayed onto the whole roof
  • apply two top coats of color
  • tidy up
  • enjoy a cup of coffee with you and admire your new roof.
  • We use and follow the roof coatings guide of new zealand