New Zealand hand made lead free fishing weights.


I love fishing and my son Tarn is absolutely obsessed with fishing.

If he's not out fishing he's at home tying rigs and sorting out his tackle box ready for the next mission.

One day we went down to our spot x only to discover that we had no sinkers in our tackle box... Bumma, what are we going to do now I said?

We could tie a rock on the end dad, so we did and the idea was born.

For as long as I can remember fishing weights have been made of lead.

It makes sense, lead is heavy, its readily available and it is easily cast or moulded into the form of a weight.

But lead is toxic and therefore not environmentally friendly but a poison and a hazard to our health

Our MAHE sinkers are non toxic and environmentally friendly!

They are made from river stones and based on traditional fishing methods combined with todays technology.

Because they are natural stone fishing weights, they come in a variety of sizes.

Small 1-2 oz. Med 2-5 oz and large 5 oz plus

Stone fishing weights have been used for thousands of years, they work just as well as lea sinkers if not better. I believe that a fish becomes aware of anglers using lead sinkers and that elusive 20 pound snapper is smart and has learnt to be cautious.

By using our natural stone MAHE I believe you may have the upper hand!

Lead free non toxic fishing weights.

Safe for your family and the environment.

We have taken the lead out of our water pipes, paint and petrol.

It does not belong in our rivers, lakes, oceans.


We are the keepers of our environment, Keep it green!

We are ready to lead you into the future of lead free fishing.

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