Frequently asked questions

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is a process that involves a lot of water at a lower pressures than what you would expect, our special cleaning mix is applied to loosen the dirt and grime and then the building is rinsed down to leave it looking beautiful

Soft washing is a much kinder to your buildings than high pressure cleaning.

Are the detergents and chemicals used harmful?

No. The detergents I use are environmentally friendly and safe for plants and pets.

Will the cleaning process damage my house or property?

High pressure is never applied to any part of your buildings during the wash process! and i take all possible steps to ensure that there will be no damage to your home or property.

Do I need to be home when you wash my home?

No. I am fully equipped to carry out the work required and all that I need at your home is a good reliable water supply from an outside tap. Before you leave home you need to ensure that all windows are closed. All our team members from all wash are highly respectable and trustworthy. We have clients send us there house keys and alarm codes to shut windows and do final checks so you can rest assured your home is in safe hands,

Why can’t I just do it myself?

Many kiwis attempt to perform house washing services on their own by purchasing high-pressure machines at their local home improvement stores. For most home applications high pressure isn’t needed and will actually damage siding, stucco, wood and even concrete. I use a low-pressure system that is safe to use on any surface and cleans more thoroughly than using high pressure alone. With the correct use of soaps and cleaners, my experience allows me to safely clean your property without harm to your home, family, pets or landscaping.  Mould, algae and dirt are quickly removed and afterwards your home stays cleaner longer.

Does the house wash include the windows?

Absolutely. The exterior of all of the windows are fully washed and rinsed along with the rest of the exterior of your home.

Do you do water blasting?

The equipment I use has the capabilities of a water blaster. Water blasting is used on hard surface areas such as driveways, cobblestones, pavers, brick, stone or concrete walls and paths. The pressure can be varied to suite the degree of wash that is required. Decks are also pressure washed with a lower pressure than required for concrete but a higher pressure than an exterior wash. The delivery pressure from my machine is infinitely variable to suite all surface requirements.

High pressure is never applied to any part of your building during the washing process.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, I fully guarantee my work. You will be dealing with the owner/operator on the jobIt is my pledge to you that I will treat your home as it if was my own. I will not leave the job until you and I are completely satisfied with the finish.

Selling your home?

Is your biggest asset looking its best? Are you selling your home? First impressions are the most important. A freshly  washed home with clean surfaces gives a potential buyer a good first impression and they  can be comfortable in knowing that their possible purchase has been well looked after.